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The Haus of Design is a shop that serves as an online platform to connect iconic brands from across the world.

Based in the heart of Montreal, our mission is to curate expressive accessories in our design shop.


A one-stop shop for a true fashion lover. Our mission is to connect creators, curators, and customers, as a means of enhancing the world of fashion. The Haus of Design believes in empowering individuality and providing a space where unique designers can connect with an audience across the globe.


As a future oriented platform, we hope to have a positive impact on our communities and the world at large. That's why we committed to plant a tree for every order. We operate a sustainable workspace and encourage a culture of wellness amongst our employees and partners. As a small business it can feel like our impact is limited at times, but every little step counts, and with our one tree planted for one order, our impact scales as we grow, which of course is entirely thanks to you, our team.


Every brand on the Haus of Design is chosen for its quality and character. We value unique designs with expressive intentions. The Haus of Design selects designer products with unique narratives, enabling our partners and patrons to connect and share their stories. We provide iconic designs with a bridge to fashion lovers who seek the latest and most exclusive luxury designs.


The Haus of Design is an online marketplace for designers to showcase the individuality of their brand to fashion lovers near and far. Our shop is curated to showcase exclusive designs from unique brands. We support local designers in accessing new markets and bringing their products world wide.

The Haus of Design brings unique designers from across the world to the global market, and offers fashion lovers the latest exclusive pieces

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